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Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management

Knowing what to do or say when your child is struggling with their weight is very challenging.  I understand this struggle and provide a sensitive approach to making this better for your child and your family.  I provide nutrition counseling, education and therapy for overweight and underweight children.

While a one-time visit is always beneficial and sufficient, I recommend that your child be followed by a dietitian.  Self monitoring and accountability are crucial for success.  Talk to your child's doctor about referring your child to me.  Call me for more information.

Food Allergies

Managing a child's diet with multiple food allergies can be very challenging.  Trying to decide what they can and cannot eat is very exhausting.  This often leaves parents feeling very helpless and confused.  If you or your child needs more in depth education on food allergies, please call to schedule either a virtual or one-on-one appointment with the dietitian!!

Celiac Disease

I truly enjoy working with patients who are newly diagnosed with celiac disease.  Both my daughter and I have celiac disease so not only do I have experience as a patient but I also know how it feels to be a parent with a child with celiac disease.  I will discuss a gluten-free diet as well as guiding you through multiple dietary and supplementary therapies that will help you restore the gut to health.   

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